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#DontLookAway: A poem – 16 days? What happens on Day 17?

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During this year's 16 Days of Activism to End Violence against Women and Children, Independent Media continues our #DontLookAway campaign by shining a spotlight on sexual harassment.

We asked three prominent spoken word artists to compose poems for this campaign. Here is Nkateko Masinga's poem.

16 days of activism against gender-based violence

perhaps if

on day 17

our loved ones

would wake up

from their graves

bodies unbattered

necks untwisted

killers jailed

or in the ground

where they

took others

it would be


to understand

these two weeks

but instead

we are digging

more graves

graves stretching

for as far as our swollen

black eyes

can see

names trailing

behind hashtags

none of them named lazarus

none of them waking up

none of them coming home

on day 17

the chanting is softer

the dead have multiplied

the mourners are fewer

How to show your support:

* Take the pledge against sexual harassment

* Join and like Be The Change Mzansi on Facebook.

* Follow the Don't Look Away campaign on IOL

* Follow us on the Facebook pages of Daily News, Cape Argus and The Star.

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