It’s important with all of these methods to use basic condom common sense. Picture: AFP

Condoms are sometimes looked at as an inconvenient necessity rather than a sensual part of your sex life – but is that fair? 

There are plenty of reasons to use barrier protection with your partner, from non-monogamy, kinky role play (think: the ‘stranger at the bar’ game) or even just to switch up the sensations.

Below are some tips and tricks for making putting a condom on a sexy part of foreplay rather than inconvenient chore-play.

The basics

It’s important with all of these methods to use basic condom common sense: never use your teeth or scissors to open the package and leave room in the tip when rolling it on to prevent breakage.

Use both hands

Your hands are wonderful, tactile tools that can completely control sensation when you vary the pressure of your touch. 

Or use no hands

There are very few among us who would say no to oral sex and this hands-free method capitalizes on that. Unroll the condom enough to create room at the tip, then gently place it on your lips as they make an O shape. 

Keep them close to your heart

The chest can be an area of intense erogenous stimulation as well as visually exciting for your partner, so why not incorporate your form into function? 

Using your wrists to push your breasts together, make sure your hands meet at your cleavage so one hand can hold the tip of the condom while the other supports the ring to unroll it over your partner as they thrust (slowly and gently) between them.

Take it from the top

This is a technique best paired with your favourite on-top sex position, but it also requires a little skill and a lot of control. (May I suggest restraining your partner with cuffs?)

With your partner lying on their back, roll enough of the condom over their tip to keep it secure. Then, slowly insert the tip and (using hands to guide as necessary) slowly push yourself onto them until the condom is completely unrolled.

Let your partner show you how

If you’re really unsure whether your prophylactic prowess is up to trying some of these methods, you can always let your partner take the lead. They can guide your hands with the exact sensation and pressure they like to ‘show you’ how to put the condom on. 

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