Elton Weise
The combat shooter and firearms instructor who shot dead a Worcester waste picker at point-blank range on July 20 says he is suffering severe emotional trauma and that his daughter has been snatched from his home since he has been held in custody.

This is revealed in the bail application of Elton Weise, 44, who is also a brand ambassador for the local gun shop, Outfitters 4 Africa.

“I have never been incarcerated before so it has been an exceptionally traumatic experience for me.

“I am suffering emotional and physical trauma while incarcerated; the experience has been exceptionally stressful,” he states.

A former bodyguard and security officer who is a factory manager at a Worcester trailer manufacturing company, Weise also submitted that his 17-year-old daughter, for whom he has custody, was traumatised by his shooting.

She was doing well in school and had enjoyed life in Worcester, but “her mother took her back to Port Elizabeth (his hometown) immediately upon my arrest as she feared for our daughter’s safety,” he said.

“As a result, my daughter has missed a week of school and has suffered severe emotional trauma.”

Appearing for the second time in the Worcester Magistrate’s Court this week, Weise applied for R3000 bail and said he would plead not guilty to murder as he had shot Roodewal resident Johannes Jacobs, 27, in self-defence.

The fatal shooting in Krone Street in Worcester’s industrial area occurred during an alleged altercation between the two over waste metal harvested from a waste skip.

“What we are saying is that our client was being assaulted and that his conduct was lawful in that he acted in lawful self-defence,” attorney William Booth said.

“That is basically what the investigating officer has conceded in his testimony.

“This was not a murder for no reason. My client was being attacked and he defended himself.”

Weise’s and Jacobs’s supporters clashed outside and inside court where harsh words were exchanged, it was reported.

The bail hearing was postponed until August 7.

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