Rediscover chocolate this Valentines Day

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Rediscover chocolate this Valentines Day
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Whether it’s dark, white or the
latest craze, pink chocolate, chances
are that your Valentine’s Day gift will
be chocolate – or chocolate will form
part of it.

“The one thing I think we
all have in common when it comes
to chocolate is that we can link
every flavour to a special memory
in our lives – whether it’s a birthday
cake, Easter eggs or a wedding cake.
There are many memories that just
take you back,” says self-confessed
chocoholic and author of the book

Chocolate, Katelyn Williams.

It’s also worth remembering that
chocolate is the go-to gift for singles
who are not going to be celebrating
anything on February 14, so if
you’re single, you’re definitely going
to want to make an effort to buy
yourself some quality chocolate.

“There is something really
magical and romantic about
chocolate; it loads our brains with
endorphins. Good quality chocolate h
as a very similar effect on our brain
to being in love. It releases a flood
of endorphins into your brain.

“Even if you don’t have a
Valentine, your Valentine could be
chocolate because it could give you
the same rush, Williams says.”

If you’d prefer your chocolate
treat to be homemade, then
Williams’ book is your Valentine’s
Day handbook if you’re looking for
the perfect dessert.

The book is filled with delectable
chocolate cake and dessert recipes,
which will have you drooling all
over the pages.

A qualified pastry chef and
blogger, her chocolate creations
range from simple bakes to guilt-free,
over-the-top desserts.

While it may be the obvious gift
for Valentine’s Day, she says there are
many ways to rediscover chocolate.

“There are loads of ways you can
be creative; I would always suggest
serving one dessert with two spoons
because I think sharing a dessert is
something that you can really make
special,” Williams says.

Food stylist, food photographer and recipe developer, Katelyn Williams. Picture from Facebook (The Kate Tin)

If you plan on buying a chocolate
gift instead of making it, then she
suggests spending your cash on good
quality, locally produced products.

“If you’re buying chocolate as a gift
for somebody, I think I would go for
something different. Support local
businesses; it’s
way more unique…I
always try to buy something
that’s hand-made rather than mass-produced."

When it comes to choosing
the right bar, she says “the best
chocolate should only have a
handful of ingredients on the back.

Even if you aren’t obsessed with
chocolate but your partner is, this
book will get you excited about all
things sweet, sour, bitter – and help

you to rediscover chocolate.

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