WATCH: Woman stuck in airport makes hilarious dance video

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Woman stuck in airport makes hilarious dance video.

We’ve all been there — a missed flight or delay leads to hours of mind-numbing boredom in the terminal — unless overpriced food and stale air is your idea of a good time.

But Twitter user @katiemgould, who describes herself as an "
Obscure Vine connoisseur. Poor law student. I eat lots of noodles" showed that with just a phone and some dancing feet, any flight delay can turn into a party.

After missing her flight and getting stuck in an Atlanta airport for 4 hours, she decided to kick up her shoes to the iconic hit, “You Make My Dreams,” by Hall & Oates.

She even included her cat, Bowie, in the hilarious shuffle. According to Twitter, he is her “favourite travel buddy” and a “precious baby angel boy”.

Looks like her next flight should be direct to Funkytown!

Also. The cat in the video is my travel buddy Bowie. He also goes by Bosef, Bo, boba, and “precious angel baby boy”

— lil hunny (@katiemgould)
January 10, 2019

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